The Cast of Characters. (Last updated 9-9-07)

The main caracters

Erik Prince

Born in 1970 in Holland Michigan.
Highly secretive, and immensely rich, he started Blackwater USA in 1997. The same year the “Project for a new American century was founded”.

In 1992 Erik Prince did a short internship in the White house, but did not care much for Bush’s politics.
He didn’t have with Ga’s being invited into the white house, he thought that environmental laws were ridiculous, and thought that business should not be limited by any rules or regulations.
At the same time that Prince interned in the White house, Dick Cheney was secretary of defence. It was also at this time that Cheney ordered the research for the feasibility to privatise much of the functions of the military. He gave the job for research to a company called Halliburton.

Prince is extreme right wing in his political views, and converted to Roman Catholicism. He has given money to all the major right wing Cristian organisations and his family is involved in the secretive Council for National Policy.
The Council for national policy is a secretive and little known club of a few hundred of the most powerful conservatives in the country.

They meet behind closed doors at undisclosed locations for confidential conference 3 times a year to strategize about hos to turn the country to the right.
Membership is secret and the meetings and the programs are kept secret.

Amongst those of whom it is known to they attended meetings are Oliver North, Wayne LaPierre of the National riffle association, Pat Robertson,  Jerry Falwell, Grover Norquist,  George W. Bush did a speech when he sought the presidency, and Dick Cheney and and Donald Rumsfeld attended meetings shortly after the invasion of Iraq.
in 2004 John Bolton briefed the croup about the administrations plans for Iran.

(Source: Jeremy Scahill, The rise of Blackwater USA: the most powerful mercenary army in the world.


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