Ron Paul At The Arab American Institute Conference


March on Washington on July the fourth

So it has to be Ron Paul.

I never thought I would say this but if the Americans have any sense they vote Ron Paul in.
I may not believe in his internal,
 freemarket or gun policies but his opinions on the Constitution and his non interventionist stance as well as his opinion about the Federal reserve make him the only candidate worth voting for now that Kutchinich has left the race. Let the chips fall were they may for the rest of his policies, but he may be the only way to salvation for the US of A. The poor man it is more likely to get him killed than voted in for his policies, but from here on in I endorse Ron Paul for president.

John Gibson: hatemonger extraordinaire.

I have to tell you straight away that I am not a Ron Paul supporter. If I lived in America I would go for Kucinich. I am more in favour of the European compassionate form of capitalism. In fact I would reject capitalism outright because it is unsustainable, but that would probably go to far for Americans.

However this piece of scum faux news reporter shows again how the corporate media tries to manipulate the elections and how scared they are of the 911 truth movement.