Incompetence Vs Professionalism & 911

Professionalism– Definition: 1. professional standards: the skill, competence, or character expected of a member of a highly trained profession.

Lately a number of diverse characters from the mainstream have come forth (years later) to decry the so-called incompetence of those involved at the highest echelons of the US government during September 11, 2001.

These diverse characters, from ultra-conservative US Representative, Dana Rohrabacher to New York Times reporter, Phillip Shenon, author of The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 911 Investigation, have lately decried this alleged high level incompetence. Shenon’s book gained considerable mainstream publicity, far more media exposure than any book by David Ray Griffin, a longtime critic of the administration’s role in 911.

Indeed, say these newest media darlings, if the Bush-Cheney administration were not so incompetent, then 911 would never have happened. Not true. By all appearances and especially by the intended results, Bush/Cheney exhibited a great deal of professionalism. If the definition of professionalism is skill, ability & performance, the Neocons set out to do something well, and they exceeded all expectations.

Lets examine briefly this “incompetent” claim and see if it stands up to the light of reality. Or do these late-coming arguments seek to shift blame and muddy the water?

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