Remember, remember the eleventh of september.

Watch this man speak, and understand the suffering these first responders go through, in their awarenes of how evil and callous their leaders are. They need money to help each other. Donate to the John Feal foundation. Not just the 16th but everyday. If you live in New York and you don’t have money give your time. That’s what they did on the 9/11.


NY Lawmakers Shocked At Bush’s 77% Cut In 9/11 Health Funding

New York lawmakers in Washington who have been persistently pressing the White House for increased funding for healthcare programs for ailing 9/11 World Trade Center workers were jolted last week when President George W. Bush’s proposed budget slashed those programs by 77 percent.

Only last Wednesday, they pointed out, a White House spokesman had issued a statement that the president’s 2009 budget would “reflect his continued commitment” to WTC workers. In reality, the budget issued appropriated a paltry $25 million, down from $108 million in the present spending plan.

“This dramatic and unwarranted cut flies in the face of common sense, compassion and just plain fairness,” Senator Charles Schumer declared as he promised to “fight these cuts tooth and nail to ensure these heroes receive the health care they need and clearly deserve”.

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Cheney’s prime example of double standard health care.

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