Blair for European President.

Just imagine Blair running Europe.
The lying, warmongering scumbag. He is getting rich by donations from his Banker task masters while does their bidding.

Greedy, power hungry he just received “the medal for freedom” from the Southern Methodist University, the same univerity that is going to house the President George W. Bush library.

Stop Blair: ambition to lead Europe hits fierce opposition

Tony Blair in Davos, Switzerland, last month

Tony Blair in Davos, Switzerland, last month. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty images

Tony Blair’s hopes of becoming Europe’s first president are running into mounting opposition across the EU, with Germany determined to stymie the former prime minister.

A “Stop Blair” website run by pro-Europeans has launched a petition against him; a transnational, cross-party caucus in the European parliament is forming to campaign against a Blair presidency; senior officials in Brussels are privately dismissive about the new post going to a Briton; and senior diplomats in European capitals also doubt that Blair is the right person for the post being created under Europe’s new reform treaty.

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