H.R. 1955 Homegrown terror act. (Updated: 24-11-07)


  1. I’ve never been on tiis page before & Im almost lost using a computer. That said , I am a 55yr old viet vet . Untill today I’ve wondered where the “truth” was hideing. I haven’t heard the real questions being asked on the news. And more and more friends seem to just go with the ” they would tell us” if somethings wrong. I hope whoever set this site up reads this. THANK YOU!! I’ve called family over to share this site & the links here. Now that their starting to at least talk about what they are reading & seeing (vidieos) now, and that is a start! Ireally don’t know what else to say THANKS.



    it is people like you that make it all worth while.
    If you are from down under you may also like to visit my other blog
    About 911 truth, international finance and how it connects to New Zealand.
    Hope to see you there.


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