A word of warning

The 911 truth movement is on the rise and that is a good thing. The world as we know it is at peril as long as the whole truth about what happened on that day has not come out, and the real perpetrators have not been thrown in jail.

It is however a reality that it is a very difficult thing for most people to face up to. What really happened on that day is too big and the consequences of knowing the truth too frightening.
This presents a problem for those of us who have come to the conclusion that only insiders in the American government could have pulled this off.
Because of this some of the truth movement feel that it is best to stick with facts that have been proven beyond a shadow of doubt. We appreciate that. If we need to convince frightened, insecure people that the real terrorists are the ones in the White house and not nineteen Arabs with box cutters than  we need to be careful, respectful and mindful. We are after all changing the perception of their entire existence.

We  subscribe therefore  to the idea that in order to convince your friends and family of the reality of the 911 truth you must start with save topics like the collapse of WTC 7. It also helps to show them the excellent presentation of Architect Richard Gage. This can be found here.

A good site that shows that hundreds of high profile American Patriots have the same questions as they will have after exposure to the truth. This will help diminish the anxiety that will be inevitable when confronted with the truth. If authority figures lead the way than it is easier to follow. This is not to patronise them but to give them something or someone to hold onto while they figure it out for themselves.

Only when your friends and family have grown accustomed to their new reality and are asking more questions, something I have found happens a lot, because they are eager to learn about their “new” reality, and they realize that they need to know the whole truth in order to survive, should you expose them to sites such as Crazy Rich Guy.
We are investigating and theorising about subjects that are highly speculative and can confuse the newbie truther who is possibly still trying to get back to his or her safe old existence, and who will grasp at anything to claim that the 911 truth movement is a bunch of nutters after all.

Go out there spread the truth about 911. Don’t bombard fragile people with too much information, but sow the seeds gently.

I have recently added a Page for beginners, check it out.

Peace for all.

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