$2 million homes burn in ‘act of terror,’ developer says

So does this mean the  perpetrators of this “terror attack” are enemy combatants and can be locked away forever without a trial?

(CNN) — Fire engulfed five luxury homes Monday morning at a subdivision north of Seattle in what could be a case of ecoterrorism, officials said.


Firefighters attack blazes at luxury homes Monday in suburban Seattle, Washington.

A sign with the letters “ELF” was found at the scene of the fires in the “Street of Dreams” development in Woodinville, Washington, said Chief Rick Eastman of Snohomish County Fire District No. 7.

Eastman did not say if the sign is believed to be from the Earth Liberation Front, which the FBI has called an ecoterrorist group.

“Built green? Nope black!” the sign reads, according to an image from CNN affiliate KING-TV in Seattle. The sign calls the homes “McMansions.”

John Heller, president of Seattle Street of Dreams, said he had spoken to the fire chief and was told that the fires were suspicious. Video Watch fires burn luxury homes »

“My understanding is that it was an act of terror,” Heller said.

The FBI said the fires are being investigated as an act of domestic terrorism.

Heller said he was out of town on business and was rushing back to see what was left of the development. He said it was a new subdivision that featured luxury homes priced at $2 million

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