Just for a little lighter reading

By Michael Savage
Thursday, 21 February 2008

Why are we asking this now?

Because the hunt for the fabled Amber Room, regarded as one of Russia’s truly great art treasures, could be over. The Amber Room, so-called for its ornate amber panels, was kept in Russia for more than 200 years, before it was looted by the Nazis during the Second World War.

Its treasures and amber panels were spirited away to Germany, but the exact location of it was lost in the chaos that engulfed Germany at the end of the war. The mystery of its resting place has fuelled 50 years of hunting, debating and conspiracy theorising. But despite the large following of hunters, it had seemed that not even Indiana Jones could lay its mystery to rest. Until now.

A group of German treasure hunters now claims to have located the Amber Room in an underground cavern near Germany’s border with the Czech Republic. If the claim turns out to be true, it could put an end to one of the greatest treasure hunts of modern history.

What is the Amber Room?

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