Does this look like a Jew hating “Hitlerian” madman to you?

Ahmadi Najad meets with members of Neturei Karta, a fundamentalist Jewish anti Zionist group.

Visit and learn about how ultra orthodox Jews condemn Israel and want the Palestinians to have their land back.

Anti Zionism does not equal Anti-Semitism.

In fact these people are actively persecuted in Israel, for their fundamental believes.

Zionist Violence

Remember that before the state of Israel was born, Every Arab country had their own communities of Jews. There have never been Holocausts or Progroms in Arab states against Jews, and even Jerusalem had a Jewish community. They were free to practice their believes and Islam reveres the same arch-father Abraham. In Iran Jews are represented in the Government and they are free to practice their believes. They have their own Hospitals and Ahmadi Najad has even given money to one Hospital.

There was no dispute between Jews and Arabs until secular Jews drove the Palestinians of the lands they had been living on for thousands of years. There is still no dispute between fundamental Jews and Arabs. There is no fundamental religious hate between Moslems and Jews.

The only place were Jews were undicriminaly killed and disciminated against was the western (read Christian) world. It was Christians who blamed the death of Jesus on the Jews and felt justified in killing them and locking them up in Ghetto’s.


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