Fog worsens travel nightmare in China

BEIJING, China (AP) — Heavy fog fell over parts of central China Sunday, further clogging a transport system already paralyzed by weeks of snow, a day after a stampede by frustrated train passengers stranded for days in southern China killed one.


A family has supper by the light of candles in Chenzhou, China, where power has been cut off.

The weather — the country’s worst in five decades — has paralyzed China’s densely populated central and eastern regions just as tens of millions of travelers were seeking to board trains and buses to return home for this month’s Lunar New Year.

The fog covered parts of Hunan — one of the provinces hit worst by the freak winter storms — delaying flights and bringing road traffic to a standstill, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

In the capital city of Changsha, visibility was reduced to 50 meters (yards) on Sunday. Parts of Hunan have already been without electricity for days and people have been stranded in cars on icy highways and at snow and wind-swept train stations.

The provincial weather bureau has also forecast more snow for Monday and Tuesday.

On Saturday, the government said the snow crisis “remains grim” and warned the public to brace for more bad weather after storms that have killed at least 60 people.

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