And now from the Iranian side.

This video shows the Iranian side of the gulf of Persia incident.
Am I mistaken or are the following three fast sailing US warships, who are trying to get away from the Iranian speed boats? Could it be that they were caught in Iranian waters and that the US video shows the earlier part of the confrontation, when some of the Iranian coast guards come out to investigate.
The commander tries to get in touch with  naval ship 73. The ships commander states multiple times that they are now in international waters. Lets be clear, Iran has absolutely no interest in provoking a war with the US. They are not a suicide nation. The US has every interest in provoking an war with Iran. By goading the coast guard in a legitimate response to an incursion into their waters and than starting an incident this could have happened.
Was the fact that they were videoed by the Iranians while trying to pull this one that they decided to leave?


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