Raw thermite in the WTC ruble (thanks projectfalcon for pointing out my typo)


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  1. Hello,

    thanks for continuing to post on xmas.

    by the way, you misspelled thermite in the title of this post. It should be “raw thermite” not “raw termite” which of course sounds like there is a termite problem at the WTC site.

    also, I think I found a fix for the constant crashing, make sure users upgrade their flashplayer. I was using an older version and after installing the latest flashplayer addin, i haven’t been crashing when I open up your website.

    I also think your site is one of the sites that our private intell contractors monitor heavily, hello everyone out there reading this! By the way, I guess if you work for one of these private contractor firms like KBR, if you get gangraped and drugged and then are thrown in a shipping container with food or water, you still can’t seek justice because the “binding arbitration” means that you can’t seek a private attorney and are bound by your employer’s arbitraters who 8 times out of 10 rules in favor of the employer.


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