Nato ready as Kosovo tension rises

British troops have been put on high alert to intervene in a possible war in Kosovo, Nato has announced.

  • Harry de Quetteville: Kosovo is not on the cusp of a new war

    Military leaders fear renewed fighting in the breakaway Serbian province, where final negotiations for a peace deal have broken down.

       Nato ready as Kosovo tension rises
    Serbia uses an adapted Churchill quote: ‘We will never surrender!’ in its campaign to keep Kosovo, while Kosovans prepare to fight

    “This is in Europe’s backyard and European nations need to show real leadership,” said David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary.

    He warned of a repeat of the wars that cost hundreds of thousands of lives. “We know from the mid-1990s the cost of Europe wringing its hands and failing to provide leadership.”

    Nato holds three battalions, each of some 800 soldiers, in reserve to its main peacekeeping force of about 16,000 troops in Kosovo. Of those, a German battalion has already been sent to the province.

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    1. There is tension in the Kosovo now over their inevitable future status as an independent country. However, the idea that world is going to end and that a huge war rivaling that of the Persian army back in the day is not based in reality. NATO, of course, is certainly ready for doomsday scenarios, but preparing and doing are two different things.

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