Nigeria: Africom – We’re Misunderstood, Says U.S.

Let’s see; the U.S. attacked “oil rich” Iraq while it had nothing to do with 9-11, it want’s to attack “oil rich” Iran for building a legal uranium enrichement plant, it build its military almost on top of Africans oil resources, so it must be about oil right. I think we understood the US perfectly well. It is all about bringing democracy to poor unfree muslims. Makes prefect sence to us.(Travellerev)

Damilola Oyedele

United States of America has said its decision to situate an African Command in the West African region of the continent is not out of a desire to be close to the oil rich African states, but a desire to help Africa establish its own security and support its leadership efforts.

At a press briefing jointly addressed by Deputy to the Commander for military operations, US AFRICOM, Vice Admiral Robert T. Moeller and Ambassador Mary Carlin Yates, Deputy to the Commander for Civil- Military Activities, at the US Embassy in Abuja, the duo stated that they are in Nigeria to hold consultations with top Nigerian military officials and Foreign Affairs Minister, Ojo Maduekwe, to get their perspective and clarify the misconceptions that have been generated over the establishment.

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