Emergency in Pak: Bhutto urges street protest

I have a problem with the way Bhutto goes about calling for demonstrations and generally exiting an already volatile situation.
While I’m definitely not a fan of Musharraf, I can’t get one niggly little fact out of my head. Bhutto engaged the services of Burson & Marsteller when she returned to Pakistan. That’s right, the Same PR (They call themselves a perception management firm) firm that helped Bush co., Blair, Blackwater, Exxon and the perpetrators of the Iran Contra scandal manage the way people perceived them.
The USA would never allow anybody they do not approve of take power in Pakistan, but clearly Musharraf has had is day and they want to get rid of him. Oh, and did I mention that she has been addressing the Council for foreign relations. (Travellerev)

ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has called on Pakistanis to come out on the streets to press the government to end Emergency even as the authorities moved swiftly to thwart attempts by her party to mobilise people for protests.

Bhutto, who flew into the capital from the southern city of Karachi on Tuesday to consult other opposition leaders on steps to oppose the Emergency, said a public meeting scheduled for November 9 in the nearby garrison city of Rawalpindi for the election campaign would now be “a show of strength”.

“I appeal to the nation to join the protest and show their power. When people will come out, pressure will mount. The people will have to fight for the restoration of the constitution and democracy and to save the country,” she told reporters at her home here late Tuesday night.


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