Blackwater says lawsuit ‘politically motivated’

I wonder who BLackwater’s PR people are? Anybody has a  chance of finding out? Please let me know.

By Andrea Shalal-Esa

WASHINGTON, Oct 14 (Reuters) – Blackwater USA founder Erik Prince on Sunday dismissed as “politically motivated” a lawsuit filed against his security company by a wounded survivor and relatives of three Iraqis killed in Baghdad on Sept. 16.

In an interview with CNN’s “Late Edition,” Prince defended the work of the private company which has faced intense scrutiny after 17 people were killed when Blackwater employees opened fire on civilians.

The incident has created friction between Iraq and United States and prompted calls for tighter controls on private contractors working for the United States, who are immune from prosecution in Iraq.

U.S. military reports from the scene of the shooting indicated Blackwater guards opened fire without provocation and used excessive force. The Iraqi government has accused Blackwater of deliberately killing the 17, and wants Blackwater to pay $8 million in compensation to each victim’s family.

The lawsuit, filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights, charged that Blackwater violated U.S. law by committing “extrajudicial killings and war crimes.

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