All you need is a crazy rich guy with a private army. Part 3

When I first published two articles around about the beginning of may 2007 with the title “All you need is a crazy rich guy with a private army” on the now defunct ICHblog, (Information clearing house still functions as a top provider of news) I must admit I had written them on a hunch. At the time I had not read Jeremy Scahill’s book yet and no access to the names of the people connected to Erik Prince, but even as I read the book a little while later, not a lot of the names made sense in the 911 context yet as I was still reading up on them. I had not found the Cooperative research site yet and Scahill’s book was very much written as though a lot of funny coincidences made Blackwater USA happen.
But I had spend months researching 911 full time for the first time and I was speculating as to how the actual planting of the bombs could have been done and how the technical side of the operation could have been organised in the utmost secrecy. A secrecy that last until this day. They were not meant for anything other than to brainstorm about one of the most vexing questions that remain unanswered; Who could have planted the bombs and who could have designed the SFX of that day and kept it secret all this time. Who could provide the answer to the question most asked and most used as a reason as to why the events of that day could not have been an “inside job”. Even erudite scholars like Noam Chomski can not get past that question and as a result we must do without some of the most influential liberal scholars in our guest for the truth about the attacks on September 11, 2001. 

The articles got a lot of readers and I was determined to research the subject more thoroughly and give it a real shot in finding out if it was a subject worth taking serious by the 911 truth movement. As I progressed my findings became more and more unsettling and I felt that I had to bring these findings to the table in order to get more people involved so I decided to publish my research. I started this blog sometime ago when ICHblog went offline. I wanted to chronicle the events surrounding both Blackwater USA and the 911 attacks. Not necessarily to put the two together. The war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the pending destruction of Iran were enabled by the 911 events and Blackwater has a prominent role in all these wars, so that was the link.

As Blackwater exploded in to the mainstream press in the aftermath of the latest Baghdad massacre I thought the time had come to start exposing some of the more intriguing facts around the Erik Prince’s Blackwater operations.
All of the issues I will write about will be supported by sources so you can do your own research and verify what I write about.

So let’s find out if Erik Prince could be the missing link; The crazy rich guy with a private army.

Erik Prince was born on June 6, 1969 in Holland, Michigan. His parents were the wealthy Edgar and Elsa Prince.
Edgar had build his fortune in the auto part industry and both him and his wife were from Dutch protestant stock.
When a serious heart attack in the 1970 almost cost him his life he became born again and according to family friend Gary Bauer God rewarded him with even more success. For Princes parents money was not the goal but a means to and end. Spreading the Gospel and their fight for the moral restoration was the goal.
According to Scahill they poured serious money into conservative christian causes.
In the 80’s Betsy Erik’s Sister married to the heir to the Amway fortune; Dick deVos. The Amway corporation is one of the greatest contributors of the GOP and was even more powerful than the Prince family. The wedding merged the two most powerful Mitchigan families and together they are the among the biggest financiers of ultra right wing and fundamentalist christian causes. It can be said that their influence and money made the GOP revolution and the rise of fundamentalist Christian groups to become the influential powerhouses they are today possible.

This was the world Erik Prince grew up in.

At age 17 Erik interned with the Ultra right wing Christian Family Research  Council financed by his father and run  by Gary Bauer. He also volunteered in the Hillsdale volunteer Fire Department, apparently driven to do so by an insatiable thirst for adrenaline rushes.
When he was about 19 his right wing politics landed him an internship with at the white house at the time George H.W. Bush was the president. It was around 1991 and in an interview with the grand rapids press he told that: “He saw a lot of things he didn’t agree with – homosexual groups being invited in, the budget agreement, and the Clean air act.”
He added to that that he felt that the White house had been indifferent to a lot of conservative concerns.

Among the politicians Erik Prince has financed over the years you find names such as; JesseHelms, Oliver North, Richard Pombo, Spencer Abraham, Dick Crysler, Rick Santorum, Tom Coburn, Tom Delay, Jim DeMint, Mike Pence, Duncan Hunter, and others. He has campaigned for Pat Buchanan, and worked for Dan Rohrabacher. Politics were not a long lasting hobby for Young Erik though and in 1992 he joined the militay and became a navy seal in the SEAL Team 8.
It would ultimately lead to Moyok, North Carolina and the rise of Blackwater USA.

Sources: Wikipedia, Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater; the rise of the worlds most powerful mercenary army. 


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