Dick Cheney’s Secret Presidential Bid

Got this from the pilots for 911 truth.

It sure ruined my weekend.


According to an insider with connections on Capitol Hill, Cheney’s closely held presidential aspirations remain as secret as “the Manhattan Project.”

Why, he wants to know, haven’t American reporters asked the most routine press question of a sitting vice president: “Yo, dude! You running?”

“The silence is deafening,” this insider says. “By June 2007 the president would have should have endorsed a candidate.”


“Zero absolute silence. And nobody’s asked. Somehow, some way, the obvious is not obvious. Basically this is an embargoed subject.”

This Washington insider has made numerous phone calls to various news desks at the New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, Chicago Sun and the Chicago Tribune. “The reaction I got categorically across the board was, ‘Please don’t ask me that question. I can’t talk about it. I can’t go there.’ I called the folks over at CNN I asked them the same thing. And I got the same reaction – embargoed. Political desk, national desk, local desk – [random] assignment editors – I worked my way through the chain… Didn’t matter how high up the chain they were – newbies, vets – these are people who eat, sleep and breathe The Next Big Thing you would think this would be.”

Yet, again and again came their unanimous nervous response: “I can’t have this conversation right now. It’s not something I can talk about.”

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