Is Cheney resigning?

I have no idea if it is true or not, but apparently the Blogger called “Deep modem”has been right about Rove and Gonzales slithering back under their rocks, so here is the link.

I have been baffled by the disappearance of some the major players around Bush. I have also been baffled by the refusal of the democrats to instigate impeachment proceedings. Impeachment was clearly the mandate given to them when they were elected.
But than I remembered that the democrats are part of the same elite of course.
My suspicion is that the corporate Democrats have too much to hide themselves and can not afford scrutiny. I also suspect that the powers that be (Cheney and bush’s handlers) are not happy with the nuclear showdown and have given up on the dollar.
The international corporations don’t depend on the dollar for power and don’t want to engage in a nuclear holocaust with Iran. I think a a rift has emerged between Cheney who wants American world domination and the globalist elite who just wants to be in power whatever the currency that rules the world. They are in control now and want to be in control after the collapse of the USA.
Perhaps they hadn’t counted on the impact of the Internet, the way the 9/11 truth started to come out, and they are running for the hills until the next time. Perhaps the army leadership threatened to rebel and refuse to use nuclear weapons or attack Iran period. Who knows. 

My guess is that there have been a lot of negotiations behind the scenes and that this is part of the payoff to the criminals.
Sort of : You shut up and you won’t have to face criminal prosecution. We can’t afford it and that’s why you get away with treason.
If you think that this is outrageous that take a look at this little video.

Prescott Bush negotiated his way out of a treason conspiracy to kill FDR and put in his place a Nazi regime in 1933 and they are doing it again.

More on this at this link:


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