Presenting the crime

On 9/11 2001 four planes took of from airfields in Boston, Newark and Washington and after a short time sharply deviated from their course and over a period of ninety minutes slammed into the two twin towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington and one had crashed in Pennsylvania.

The attacks killed just under 3000 people and caused the US to descend into its most critical time in history. In an unprecedented fashion the twin towers, two steel framed buildings, designed to withstand multiple plane impacts, collapsed in freefall speed into their own footprint after a mere hour of fire. The buildings crumbled in an astonishing ten seconds into dust and New York was a disaster area, the city had lost hundreds of fireman and police and the air in the city remained toxic for months.

Later that same day a third building collapsed. This was building WTC 7. A office building of 47 floors high had burned for several hours and again, preceded only by the two twin towers had collapsed in freefall speed into its own footprint.

No people were hurt in that collapse. Several buildings that had been closer to the twin towers had been damaged more than that building but apparently building 7 had been weekend by the subsequent fires.

The Pentagon was severely damaged but the plane had hit the site that had just been under redevelopment and they had missed all the top brass, so even though there had been a number of casualties the Pentagon was in full working order.

The fourth plane had crashed in a field in Pennsylvania and the wreckage was found spread over an area of four miles.

The administration of the US engulfed in a warm wave of unprecedented sympathy and compassion for the damaged nation soon realized that this horrific attack gave them the opportunity to do amazing things for their nation and the world. After all there were demonstrations defying the perpetrators of these heinous crimes in as far away as Teheran the capital of fundamentalist Shite Islam, messages of sympathy from another haven for fundamentalist Sunni Saudi Arabia and from every country the peoples of the world grieved with the US over the horror that had befallen this mighty country.

The administration realized that if they choose the path of wisdom than they had in their hands the means of correcting a lot of wrongs. They could lead by example and their restraint would set new standards of world peace and international cooperation. Maybe a peace could be brokered between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The Iranians could be asked not to go ahead with their plans of Uranium enrichment, the North Koreans could be persuaded to join the rest of the world. Perhaps the Chinese could be cajoled into more respect for human rights and perhaps even Somalia and Ethiopia could be convinced to leave their struggles behind. In short they saw a massive opportunity to heal the world through their grief.

So in order to maximize this incredible chance for world peace and justice they reached out to al those countries that had expressed their sympathy and asked them for help.

After the first two intense days after the attacks had past and it had become clear that the rescue mission had become a recovery mission they closed the scene of with the famous yellow crime scene tape and invited CSI teams from all over the world to help them with piecing together what was after all the biggest crime scene the world had ever witnessed.

And so it happened that for the first time in history Americans and Russians, Iranians and Israelis, Somalian and Ethiopian CSI  agents teamed up to investigate the Ground zero crime scene. They worked together in an effort to impartially solve this crime in an effort to help the US to be able to meet out the full extend of the law these crimes deserved.

But wait…that didn’t happen.

Nothing like that happened. Just days after the attacks an unprecedented clean up operation started. The steel from the twin towers and building 7 was fast tracked to Asia to be melted down.

The first responders; the police and the fire brigades and other emergency services made a statement, and that was that. There were barely any witness statements taken. In fact witnesses who wanted to testify about what happened to them found it hard to be heard.

And within months the city was back up and running as normal as could be under the circumstances and the same happened with the Pentagon.

No samples were taken of the crumbled concrete or the steel, and no chemical tests were performed to include or exclude additional reasons that would explain the fast collapse of the only three steel framed buildings to ever collapse after relatively short fires. It had never happened before and it never happened again even though a fire raged for 18 hours in a Madrid building that had been built along the same lines as the twin towers.

In fact only after severe pressure from the public did the administration eventually organize a committee that was given the task of investigating the events of 9/11. The rapport was incomplete and in some cases even misleading.

Instead the world was told the day after 9/11 that 12 mostly Saudi Arabians had hijacked 4 planes on the say so of a man called Osama bin Laden and that they had been able to commit the crime of the century with some box cutters. We were to believe that the most heavily armed country with the most high tech. Defense system in the world could be beaten by twelve guys with box cutters.

Not long after 9/11 the drums of war started to thunder and the world changed for ever.

The real crime of that fateful day still needs to be determined, and that is going to be hard.

I put it to you that the crime is not merely the hijacked planes crashing into the buildings. It’s not limited to the alleged 12 men or Osama bin Laden. To much evidence points in different directions. The bigger picture shows that the crime did not begin early in the morning of 9/11. It did not begin with arrival of the men in the US. It did not even begin with the first thought of it in the mind of Osama bin Laden.
I even doubt that it ever was in the head of Osama bin Laden untill after it happened.

A lot of the hard evidence has been destroyed, but there is footage, witnesses, and even some of the evidence that has not previously found has turned up in the shape of hundreds of fragments of bone that were found on the roof of the German bank. Also there is the meteorite (the molten piece of steel and concrete so nicknamed) and hundreds of people have taken it upon them selves to investigate the crimes of that day, because if the authorities won’t then we have to. It’s that simple. New facts emerge every day and it is only a matter of time before the truth will come out.

As they say you can fool a lot of people sometime, and you can fool some people a lot of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

Next : profiling the perpetrators



  1. FYI:

    “No people were hurt in that collapse [wtc7]).”

    Someone did indeed die in WTC 7.

    He was special officer Craig Miller of the Secret Service.

    Man Died in WTC 7 Collapse

  2. Hi Dictater,

    Thanks for the info.
    About the “no people were hurt” remark the following.
    According to Loose Change creators Dylan Avery and Jason Burmas this remains to be seen.
    They interviewed a security person who was in WTC 7 in the morning and he states that he saw multiple dead bodies in the lounge.

    You can hear it in these clips: scroll down to see the link.

    I’m curious as to what you think

  3. Yeah, that was Barry Jennings. He’s now dead, too. But, I’m sure that you know that by now this being such a late follow up to this.


    It’s dicKtater

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